1991 Mazda Navajo

Engine Mechanical problem
1991 Mazda Navajo 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 85000 miles


I recently bought my friend's 91 Navajo and, as soon as I bought it, it started having problems not starting. Twice, it refused to start, but, when I came back to it later, it started without getting jumped. Now, it just will not start.

When I turn the key, there is an almost buzzing noise and then a pop.

I had a guy from advanced auto parts check the battery, and the battery is fine. I removed it and cleaned it just in case.

People have suggested to me that it is the starter or the connections.

From the little information I can provide, what seems like the best course of action? Should I just go buy a starter and attempt to put it in myself?

Please help. I cannot find a job until I have a working car. Thank you so much in advance.
June 10, 2009.

Now, it just will not start.

Is it cranking over and will not start or just won't crank at all/nothing.

Jun 10, 2009.
There is no " rr-rrr-rr" sound like an engine starting. It's a flat sort of buzz (maybe grinding?) Sound.

Jun 10, 2009.
The way you describe it sounds like the overrunning clutch on the starter is slipping-Repalce the starter

Jun 10, 2009.