Mazda MX5

Hello Everyone My names Matthew.
I just bought a mazda mx3 for 1800 dollers its a 1993 with rebuilt engine. The engine has only 60k miles as I am told. The car runs great however when I let off the gas to stop at a stop sign the engine kinda shakes as in LOW RPMS then dies then I start the car up and I have to rev the engine between 1k to keep it runing its just fine while driving does anyone know what could be going on with this? I put some fuel injecter cleaner to see if that would help SO far nothen when I play with electronics it cuts out and dies if I roll down the window it willl GO low RPS and die turn on teh headlights it will LOW RPM and die =/
anyways thanks guys

December 28, 2006.

Does it happen before or after the car warms up. And if you start the car and let it idle does it just die. Sounds to me like a vacuum leak maybe, but if it happens after the car warms up could be a coolant temperature sensor thats causing it. Check for cracks in your rubber intake boot that goes from you air cleaner to your throttle body for cracks.

Some other things maybe a IAC(idle air control valve) its a $500 dollar part from mazda. A TPS( throttle position sensor) out of adjustment.

Jan 5, 2007.