1992 Mazda MX3

1992 Mazda MX3 4 cyl Automatic

i need help! I have a 92 Mazda mx-3, when I bought it, it ran fine, and doesn't overheat, but when I checked the fluids in the car, I noticed the oil was low, I put oil in it and when I started it white/grey smoke started coming from the exhaust. Now when I start the car in the morning it smokes until the car warms up and then it stops until the next morning when I start it again. Why would it be doing this? Is it a serious problem? Also when I checked the fluids I noticed that the antifreeze is full but it is discolored, it is a light brown color. I heard that it could be that it is dirty and needs to be flushed or is a more serious problem? How could I fix both of these problems?
October 29, 2008.

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