1989 Mazda b2600

Electrical problem
1989 Mazda b2600 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 154K miles

GOT A SMALL PROBLEM WITH MY TRUCK.I dont have a injector pulse. No matter what I try I cant seam to find the problem. Wiring checks out new module in it and pickup. Also changed the distrupter computer(got 3 of those)(most parts came off a running truck that needed major motor work.)Its getting spark, changed coils to a round one it hada 4 wire 2 plug coil the one I put in it all part stores said would work I called 5 different ones and all said same thing. Changed out the wiring harness the wires where green with croasion. Im unemployed and just ran out of unemployment comp so im broke. Spent the last few months working on truck trying all kinds of different things and nothing.I found a carb and intake for it thats a last ditch dont want to do that. At this point I can tell u what wire goes to where just by looking at it. The wire is a red wire with a wire suroundind it and a blackandwhite wire going to the pickup and that in turns goes to the module I am so tired of being carless I cant get a job until I get it running and cant get trucking going with no money im chasing my tail per say. Phone number is 937 829 9148 or email is sledge302000@yahoo. Com and if I got to check things tell where there located thanks
December 23, 2009.

At the injectors wiring harness connector do you see a black and yellow wires on each injector-if so check for battery voltage and also check all the injector solenoid resistances and comeback with some results

Dec 26, 2009.