Mazda 626

2002 - 626 V6 80k miles

About 3 months ago I had loud squeeling when the engine was idle and more when the A/C was turned on. I had both serpentine belts replaced and one of them actually broke a week later (found it in the tray beneith the engine when my car died from no alternator working) I then had the belts replaced again. A month later, there is a loud screeching noise like rubbing two metal discs together. This occurrs mostly when the A/C is turned on. But is still present at times when it's not. It also gets worse with acceleration. (Or stepping on the gas when in park) I just had a mechanic replace the power steering pump idler pulley and drive belt (his diagnosis) But it's still making the metal on metal noise when the engine is first started.

The noise seems to be coming from the serpentine belts area. Or atleast that's where the noise is the loudest. After replacing all the belts, is this still a belt issue?
July 19, 2006.

Is there a tension pully for the belt on you A/C Compressor? And if so, has anyone looked to see if the bearings in the pully have burned up?

It could be the cause of everything else. I'm not an expert but I have experienced something like what your experiencing.

Hope it helps.

Jul 20, 2006.
As it turns out. They auto mechanics found it this time. Although they said it was pure luck since they had no idea what was making such a horrible noise. The rubber had worn out on the thing they called a vibration dampener which caused the crankshaft pulley to wobble and kick out the remaining rubber so that there was metal touching metal.

Thanks for reading. : )

Jul 28, 2006.