1998 Mazda 626

I have a 1998 Mazda 626 with 124,000 miles that purred like a kitten until 2 months ago. Since then the car has idles rough and the check engine light has come on several times. I had the 02 sensor fixed, the MAF, the air filter changed, the plugs and expensive wires. I have used STP and fuel injection cleasner and nothing has worked. I have service comments from a shop which state: No Codes! Will Start With Intake-Gasket. Please advise if this could possibly be my problem. The price is & 288.00. I cannot afford to fix anything else but the problem.
January 1, 2007.

Does the idle issue happen before or after the car warms up? Or is it all the time? Could be a vacuum leak or a temperature sensor malfunction.

Jan 5, 2007.
I'm having the same issues with a 98 626lx at appx the same mileage. Check engine light had come on with an Idle Control Valve error code.

Where you able to fix the issue? If so, was it a vacuum leak?

May 28, 2008.