1989 Mazda 323

Transmission problem
1989 Mazda 323 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 170k miles

my mazda 323 has a eight month old clutch in it with > 10k on it. One day on my way to work I went to shift while at cruising speed about (50 mph) and the clutch went straight to the floor and stayed there. It was like a was trying to shift into a wall. At first I thought I stretched or broke the clutch cable. A friend of mine told me that the cable I was looking at is the speedo cable. Does the speedo cable go directly from the upper firewall on the drivers side to a lever on the tranny? Does the speedo lever pull everytime you push the clutch in? If this is the speedo where is my clutch cable/master cyl/slave cyl. This sound like a slave cyl problem to me because the clutch is always engaged even when the mystery lever is pulled back. Does this car share a master cyl for the clutch and brakes? Where is the cluch fork! I feel so lost looking at this cars clutch system. It seems to be very different then others I have dealt with. A link to a labled diagram of an engine bay, or service manual or anything would be awesome.
May 7, 2010.

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