2003 Honda Accord • 150,000 miles

The engine light on my car has been on all the time the last year and a half.
I have had 2 non factory catalytic converters installed and the engine light won't go off
I also had an oxygen sensor replaced. It was $200 for one sensor.
I was told the 2003 honda accord has 2 oxygen sensors.
Any suggestions how to get the engine light off? Already spent a lot of money and no results.
Honda 777
April 16, 2013.

What are the exact code numbers being set now?

Apr 16, 2013.
I don't know the last time I tried to pass emmissions was a few months ago maybe even 6 months that garage told me the only way to get a sticker is buy a factory cataytic converter for $1000 or $1500. I won't put that kind of money in the car. I just had multiple things fixed that were expensive.
I was told by the massachusetts dmv or registration people to take the car to try to pass inspection again and find the codes. And see if it will pass. They don't have a record of my error messages.
I was also told if you try multiple times to get a sticker unsuccessfully in a year in massachusetts you have to take the car to a massachusetts car stop place and have their computers reset for my car.I am locked out of ever getting a sticker till I have the car reset. That was from where I get my oil changed.
I can email you back when I have a code. It won't be this week maybe in a week or two.

Honda 777
Apr 16, 2013.
I can't tell you much of anything without the code numbers. At this point you need to have the codes cleared and then drive the car normally until all the monitors have a chance to cycle through. If the light comes on again, then have the codes read and post them here.

Apr 16, 2013.