Lincoln Town Car

I went to buy a serpentine belt for a 92`lincon town car w/4.6, at an autoparts store and I was asked if it was a five or six grooved belt. I told them it was a six groove. They didn't have it. So I went to another store and was asked if it was factory air or dealer installed air. I do not know, but both of the belts I looked at were six groove, the differance was about three inches. I took both home. I removed the old one and matched it up. It was the shorter of the two. But when I installed it, it seemed very tight. I had to push the ider pully until it wouldn't go any further. When released the pully it moved only two inches. I think it's too tight. How do I find out what belt should be in it? I have been to a couple of ford sites and was not given a choice of belts. I hate buying stuff from the dealer but the auto stores are full of clueless employees. So any ideas?
August 29, 2006.

Its not too tight if you can get it on

Sep 12, 2006.