Lincoln Town Car

Thank you in advance for helping me out with this problem. 1999 Lincoln Town Car. History: The cruise would not disengae at 70mph. I did a dumb thing and stomped on the brakes instead of pressing the off button on the cruise. I heard a pop from the engine compartment. The cause for the cruise not to disengage was a broken wire on the brake peddle switch. I repaired the wire and now my cruise does not work. I have replaced the servo assy with a used one and same results. Still does not work. I have checked all of the fuses under the dash and in the engine compartment. I have checked all of the switches on the steering wheel. All are in good working order. Do you have any suggestions?
Clark Beattie
August 16, 2007.

Sir: there is a recall out there for your Lincoln's cruise control. There is some faulty relay & the factory is replacing the cruise system free as a result. My 1993 has been to the dealer & been disabled until the new parts come in. No charge to the owner!

Oct 24, 2007.