Lincoln Town Car

I have a 1989 lincoln town car with 120087 miles, 5.0L. I have replaced the battery with a new one, put on new pos and neg battery cables. I have taken out the alternator and had it bench tested at the local auto parts store, (it tested good). But when I drive the car it does not seem to charge. I have also brought it in to the ford dealership to have them look at it and they could not find any thing wrong. But then when I picked it up it wouldn't start, ( dead battery again). What could be causing this? Is there a fuse or something for the alternator?
September 9, 2007.

If you full field the regulator meaning bypassing it and the voltage increases-the regulator is defective if not the alternator.

Recommend you have the stator and ignition circuit coming off the alternator to the ignition be check.

Sep 9, 2007.
A bad voltage regulator will keep a good alternator from charging.
It is on the passenger fender well IIRC. And you can get a cheap one for 12.00. I would recommend the cheap one for test purposes and if it fixes your problem. Go get a motorcraft one at the dealer and put the cheapie in the glove box for a back up, as the motorcraft ones are very good regulators. The aftermarket ones are very cheaply bulit and are regularly poorly adjusted for voltage output and don't last long.
I think FoMoCo ones are around 49.00

Nov 16, 2007.