1993 Lincoln Town Car

Tires and Wheels problem
1993 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 80981 miles

aloha. I have a problem with front wheels squealing. Recently changed front rotors and pads, brand new. Now after just a short period the wheels squeal after driving a few miles, nothing when first starting off. While driving highway speed there is squealing. However a slight tap on brake pedal will stop it for just a while. At highway speed if I tap and hold brake pedal ever so slightly the car will move along and the squealing stops. Does anybody have any idea? Much appreciated. Thanks
May 31, 2008.

See if the anti rattle clips are in place, and I apply anti sieze compound to the metal backside of the pads where the calipers and pistons touch them.

May 31, 2008.
I installed the front brake pads incorrectly on my 93 TC, I put the outer right on the left and vice/versa. Does it make a difference?

Jun 26, 2012.
Outer and outer, inner and inner. Left and right shouldn't matter as long as the correct pad is on the outside and the inside.

Aaatowncartaxi, did you get this fixed? When you did the brakes, were the rotors turned? If so, was a nondirectional swirl finish put on them? Did you chamfer the edges of the pads to remove sharp corners?

Jul 25, 2012.