2001 Lincoln Other

2001 Other Lincoln Models V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 104000 miles

Nov 15 2009 I posted an intermittent blower problem with this car on this forum & contributed. ALL of the advice / tips / procedures were not correct; I did not need a blower motor, nor a resistor bank, nor a blower switch. What I needed was a " blower control module", which I found out by removing what I was tiold was a switch.
Now I do ned some correct pertinent advice on what to do about an air compressor problem. It cycles repeatedly, sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes every 5 min sometimes not for 1/2 hr. A pop-off valve releases on top of the compressor everytime before it cycles - does anyone have any idea of what might be causing this? The suspension trouble light only comes on when the car is started & then goes out until the next time the car is started.
December 18, 2009.

Your compressor problem can be anything from a bad compressor/air leak in the system/ bad pop off valve. It needs to be looked at aby a pro to make a decision on what is the best fix.

Feb 23, 2010.