1996 Lincoln Mark VIII

Suspension problem
1996 Lincoln Mark VIII V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 133 miles

i have a 1996 lincoln mark v111 just replace the air ride pump about 5 mounth ago. Now when I start it sometime the air ride system ligh come on and when I turn it off and back on it find, also when I get up to about 50 mph it goes off and the front will drop what can be wrong
August 18, 2010.

The light coming on means the system has stored trouble codes. You need to have those codes retrieved and they will get you pointed in the right direction. This will require the use of a professional scan tool to retrieve those code, not just a generic code reader.

Aug 18, 2010.
" When" does the light(VERY IMPORTANT) come on.10-15 seconds after startup.90 seconds after startup?

From what you've described, it sounds like you have leaking front air struts to begin with. And the compressor may now be full of water.

Aug 19, 2010.