1994 Lincoln Mark VIII

Suspension problem
1994 Lincoln Mark VIII V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 190000 miles

A mechanic has checked my air ride system and said that he found no leaks. The problem I am about to relate is more prevalent in cold weather.
When I get in the car sometimes the front end is down, sometimes the back end and sometimes both. When I back out of the garage the front end levels itself and then I get a message " check air ride system". Then, if I shut off the engine and restart it the back end will usually rise to the correct height while I am idling.
Recently, the back end has started to lower itself when I am driving. However, if I can stop, shut off the engine and restart it I can get the back end to rise up. That may fix the issue or it may do it again.
December 16, 2008.

Had the exact same problem. Your height sensors are bad, they are not telling the compressor to kick on when air bleeds off or are allowing the air to bleed off without adjusting.I just fixed the problem.I converted to a non air system, no more problems

Mar 2, 2010.
Believe it or not, the problem your describing is textbook air suspension. No matter what your mechanic says, you have leaking air struts & air springs.

A good rule of thumb is: The system won't make any adjustments an hour after shutdown. In other words, if it goes down overnight. It has a leak and IS NOT electrical.

Jul 25, 2010.