1998 Lincoln Continental

Transmission problem
1998 Lincoln Continental V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 103000 miles

I have the same exact issue that another member has reported:

98 Lincoln Continental, wont shift out of first gear, is not locked in first. On occasion the Check Transmission alert will come on the display, and the car will work fine until it hits about 40 mph, then it's rpm's want to shoot up for the car to drive any faster. The alert goes away when this happens. Check Steering Assist will come up and then Check Ride Control will pop up. Steering and Ride Control work perfectly fine when these errors come up and work fine all the time. My doors won't auto lock over 5 mph like it used to, and the feature is still activated on the display menu. Also my cruise control does not work. It still drives, just my car will be damaged at high way speeds, I push close to 6k rpms just to reach 45 mph, I did get the transmission fluid flushed (was a suspect at first sight, and was almost burnt anyways).
September 14, 2010.

Hi TheFrugalTech,

Thank you for the donation.

When the trans does not upshift and is raced for prolonged periods, the trans fluid would overheat resulting in the fluids turning black. Prolonged use under such conditios is going to kill the trans so it should be avoided.

As there are indicator lights coming up, get a free scan done at Autozone to retrieve for trouble codes and let me know what they are. They can tell us what could possibly be wrong.

Sep 16, 2010.
No codes are being stored. The transmission is not being raced for prolonged periods of time. Although the trans will not shift out of 1st, it is not locked in first as if it was shifted to first. If the gas pedal is released it does not compression brake, it coasts. Speedometer works fine so I do not believe it to be the VSS.

Sep 20, 2010.
Coasting when accelerator is released indicates there is no engine braking. Does manually shifting to Manual low position have the same symptoms of no engine braking? If yes, possible causes are : 1. Low line pressure.
2. Low EPC pressure.
3. Valve body (bolt torque, gaskets and separator plate
damaged or positioned incorrectly.
4. Shift valve.
5. Manual downshift modulator valve and B8 check
6. Direct clutch assembly.
7. Direct one-way clutch assembly
8. Coast band.

Above are internal faults of the trans as no trouble codes are present.

Sep 20, 2010.
Shifted to low the car operates as expected with engine braking.
A new symptom popped up today, twice it went to 2nd gear only. But, it went back to 2st only for about 12 seces eacgtine.

Sep 20, 2010.
Symptoms indicates a possible shift solenoid or valve body mechanical fault.

The dark colored fluid noted previously could be an indication the valve body needs some attention.

Sep 20, 2010.