2004 Lexus SC 430

Engine problem
2004 Lexus SC 430 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 28000 miles

I am retired and I like to do my oil changes and more. And now I am in the process of changing the antifreeze on the engine and according to the manual there are two plugs on the upper part of the engine. But I can't find them. Could some one helpme? Thanks. Jose Ramos
February 3, 2008.

My software doesnt say anything about them. Look at the high points of the cooling system, that is usually where the bleeders go, near t-stat or upper hose. Does say to open heater water valve (turn heater in car to hot) and run at 2,000-25000 rpm til warm then shut down and let cool, top off in needed

Feb 4, 2008.