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I inched up in a drivethru and tapped the women in front of me, who was driving a Lexus SUV (2007). I didn't even realize I had hit her, as it was more of a tap. She pointed to a small (5mm) dent/scratch located on her bumper and informed me that I had caused this.
She then went to her dealership to receive a qoute, and they have sent me a qoute for $650. They are saying they must replace the bumper and the footplate (which I didn't even hit). Furthermore, she told me they need her car for 2 days and she expects me to pay for a 2 day rental car.
Does $650 seem reasonable for a 5mm square dent/scratch? (It lhonestly looks like a pebble could have done that).
July 31, 2007.

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