2004 Lexus GS 430

Electrical problem
2004 Lexus GS 430 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 42000 miles

I have had to replace the battery 3 different times now within the past year. Dealer did diagnostic test and found nothing wrong with the car but yet the battery continues to die and fry. I use this car very sparingly and there are times when it is not used for 2-3 weeks due to my travelling out of town and having a second car that I use also. Any idea why this is happening.
September 14, 2009.

Hi there,

Do you know what the alternator out put voltage is, if the battery is cooking, you may have a over charging problem.

Mark (mhpautos)

Sep 14, 2009.
Desconect the batt if the car is going to be park for a long time

Lex so cal
Sep 17, 2009.
Either the alternator is not putting out or you have a short somewhere in the electrical system eating up the battery-Brand new battery for 2-3 wks it should be able to start then again it depends on the weather condition

Sep 24, 2009.