2008 Land Rover Other

Engine Mechanical problem
2008 Other Land Rover Models 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 24,500 miles

Hi, I recently bought a LR2 and it had major problems, the Factory (Land Rover and its engineers) changed the alternator, the coolant hose because it was leaking on the alternator, the fuel hose because it was lacking pressure, and it had a short circuit fixed up, and a computer update.
After that fixed it works fine, but in these 2 months I've had it, 2 times it has done something I had never experienced with another car, I'll try to explain as clearly as I can: When I; m running at more than 40 mph and I let off the pedal to go with the speed I have already the car start doing something weird. It feels as if I was pumping gas an letting go, pumping and letting go, repeatedly but it stops as soon as I take my foot back on the breaks or the pedal. This has only happen twice and this last one I noticed the Tachometer went up and down as I felt the " unintentional pumps". Is this normal? Maybe its the way the car reacts sometimes? Or should I be worried?
October 20, 2009.

The vehicle is fitted with an electronic throttle unit. Have the dealer check this out !

Dave H
Oct 21, 2009.