2000 Land Rover Freelander

Electrical problem
2000 Land Rover Freelander All Wheel Drive Manual 50000 miles

hi please advise my freelander is playing up when driving the interior light comes on and the dash display says door is open but they are not after checking number of times then when locking the car with the fob it beeps like there is a door open again and some times the alarm goes starts going off iv also noticed that when opening the car I press the fob once and all doors open at same time where as before u pressed it once a driver door opened then again to open remaining doors please o please help t

mr c bolton
January 3, 2010.

Start by checking/cleaning or repacing the door ajar switch located on the door locking mechanism !

Dave H
Jan 3, 2010.
Where about is the ajar switch on a freelander all I can see is the lock

Jan 6, 2010.
It clips into the lock actuator and has a wiring connector going to it. I do not have a diagram i'm afraid. !

Dave H
Jan 7, 2010.