2003 Land Rover Discovery

Engine Mechanical problem
2003 Land Rover Discovery V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 96,000 miles

the engine will start to tick after it has warmed up in a very short time.3-5 mins, it doesnt do it while driving, that started a few days after I purchased vehichle. I had some oil leak repairs done after I started hearing the noise. It also had a hesiitation when accelerated in the beginning too. After I picked the vehichle up from the mechanic.A few days, I was idling and it just shut off, then it kept doing this within a 1 hour time frame, 3 times, then right before my destination it did it while driving. Each time I would turn the truck off and wait a few minutes before trying to start it back up, it didnt take long for it to start up again, 3-4 tries, I it kept taking longer to restart each time. I have had it parked since 4-5 days and have started it each day, it has started each time. Im unsure what the problem is, I appreciate any help or advice you could give me, thank you for your time. Rodney, will donate when I receive response, thanks again. Does it sound like a lifter problem?
December 19, 2009.

Start by checking the fuel injectors. They can be quite noisy on this vehicle and sound just like a lifter fault. They tend to be a little more noisy when faulty ! With vehicle idleing. Unplug each injector wire connector in turn (one at a time) see if you can isolate the noise? If the noise goes away when you unplug one, then thats the bad one !. The CEL/MIL may come on during this testing causing misfire codes

Dave H
Jan 5, 2010.