2007 Kia Sorento

Transmission problem
2007 Kia Sorento 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 17,000 miles

I took my truck to get an oil change about three weeks ago. But a week ago the bottom started leaking. I took it back where they did the oil change to check if they left something loose. They told me it look okay. They said that it was leaking from the transmisson and may it just need the gasket change?
Will it be dangerous for me to keep driving it leaking like that? No lights on the dashbroad turn on. Or should I stop driving it until it gets look at?
February 19, 2009.

Depends on how much trans fluid your losing.?. Is the vehicle still under warrenty. Take it back to the dealer for repair !

Dave H
Feb 19, 2009.