2002 Kia Rio

Electrical problem
2002 Kia Rio 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 99000 miles

I have a 2002 kia rio sedan. I was tring to figure out why my interior dome light didn't work. I was checking to see if power was going to the light and to my surprise there was. Unfortunately, I accidentally completed what should of been an open circuit and the ground and live pieces touched. To my frustration, there was no longer and power going to the light. I checked EVERY fuse in the car that I could find and they all were good. I then turned on my car and found that the radio doesn't work anymore! It worked before and now it doesn't. I have no clue what I did. What did I do? Even more helpful, how the heck do I fix it?
June 7, 2008.

Hi saxophone7,

Firstly the dome light either has a loose contact or was fused. Replace the bulb if necessary.

Secondly you short circuited the power supply and caused a blown dome/radio fuse.

I am not familiar with the fuse layout of this vehicle so you need to check for a room light or radio fuse.

If it is not under dash, then it should be under the bonnet.

Jun 8, 2008.