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I need to replace my fuel filter, for a 2000 kia sephia.

just need to know where it is, I have had 2 people give me two different spots.

one guy had said it would be under my backseats, after I take those out there would be a hatch on the floor, but to me that sounds like thats where the fuel pump itself would be.

then I heard it should be in front of passenger side tire, above it.

please if anyone knows where it actually is, just havent gotten in the garage and jacked up to follow the fuel line.


if anyone had a link to a website showing or explaining it, or even a link to another post or forum regarding this.
March 10, 2006.

2 possible pleces(sorry do not work on these that often) fist open your hood and look on the passenger side near the firewall, it should be a black(maybe rusty color at this point in time) metal cylinder type filter(about the size of a can of beans).
The other place is under the vehicle around the fuel tank near thesides of the vehicle.

Jun 18, 2006.
It is located on under the passenger side rear under the car not under the seat. : D

Oct 10, 2006.