2005 Kia Other

I have a 2005 spectra. I started to hear a squealing from the left side in the rear, so I took my car to Just Breaks for a free inspection. They advised I needed to rebuild the caliper. I called Kia and one of the guys there told me that it is normal for one break pad to wear more than the other 3 (my car has all wheel disc breaks) SO, I went and bought a set of break pads for the back (oh, the other 3 break pads have about 20% left, and the one that is wearing has IF I am lucky 2 days till it starts tearing into my roater) I got the back left caliper taken off but I could not get it to decompress to put the new break pads on. I believe the caliper needs to be replaced now correct? Should I call Kia back and argue more with them to cover it under warranty?
January 9, 2007.

Dave H
Apr 11, 2009.