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My 2001 kia sportage has 80,000 km. On it and I suspect the fuel pump is gone. I checked the fuse under the dash fuse panel, it was ok, I checked the fuel injection 30 amp fuse, the 15 amp main fuse all were ok. I opened the fuel pump access panel under the back seat and disconnected the fuel line and return line. I turned the ignition key to start and could not see any fuel flow or hear the fuel pump. Is there any thing I missed before I pull the pump?
March 18, 2006.

If you did all of that, i'd say your on the right track. After pulling the fuel pump take it to a shop and have them run a bench test on it first. If it's bad, don't forget the friendly folks here at eAutoPartStore. Com before you buy.

P.S I am not a sales person for the group, but I think they should be considered first for providing this forum for free. Best of luck. Vandragon

Mar 20, 2006.
You can't check the fuel pump that way as when you removed the cover you also removed the grounds for the fuel pump as well(it needs power and ground to work)

Jun 18, 2006.