1995 Kia Other

Engine Performance problem
1995 Other Kia Models 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 95000 miles

I bought a Second Hand Kia Sedan 1995 Model Avella last March 2009 using it after 4 months consumed gasoline ratio 1: 9, I brought it to a mechanic he recommend to replace the Fuel Injector and sensor which I did and getting well ratio 1: 12. After a month of driving it returned again to same ratio of 1: 9. So I decided to look for other car expert which he recommend me to replace 4 spark plugs, change oils & filter (oil& air) which I did and he tune up the engine using computerized gun for the timing. But in mid September until now the ratio is 1: 9 or 8. What should I do please help? Im using my airconditioned and premium gasoline. Thanks

I'm Ase of Philippines
Alvin somosot
October 13, 2009.

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