2002 Kia Optima

Transmission problem
2002 Kia Optima 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

When driving the car cold about 10 minutes later the car will kick meduim hard, and the engine light will come on, and then it will be stuck in 3rd gear, but it only does it when the enginge light is on. Codes p0720 and p1529 are what I got with the obd2 reader. The P0720 is for the output shaft speed sensor. The sensor was replaced and the computer was reset with the obd2 code reader, but the engine light came back on and I got the same codes, also car kick the same way, What can I do to fix the problem and Should have the PCM checked?
September 3, 2008.

Code p1529 is a request code for the TCM
and tranny control module need to be checked for codes
p0720 u may have to visit a tranny shop
check wiring harmess and connector plug

Sep 4, 2008.
It turned up, that the car had three sensors, the sensor I replaced the first time wasn't it. I thought I had replaced the output shaft speed sensor, but instead it was the vechicle speed sensor. The car has a output and a input shaft speed sensor, and a vechicle speed sensor.

Sep 17, 2008.