Jeep Wagoneer

Gentlemen, 1988 grand wagoneer, 147,000 miles. Recently the diaphram on my fuel pump ruptured so I had to replace it. After changing oil and installing new fuel pump, I am having problems with fuel it seems. When I start it, I have to pump the heck out of the gas pedal to get it to start, then virtually have to floor it to keep it running, if I let off the pedal it dies. Even flooring it, it does not go to full rpms and doesnt have the full power, as if it is not getting enough fuel. I am changing plugs, (which were pretty fouled) cap rotor, but still having this problem. Could this be a fuel pump problem. I got this at local parts store, but does this need an OEM pump from jeep dealer? Also could this be a float or choke problem on carb?
I appreciate all help,
February 20, 2007.

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