2002 Jeep Liberty

Electrical problem
2002 Jeep Liberty 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 106000 miles

a couple months ago I installed a battery in my car with the wrong configuration and when I hooked the negative up it sparked and the wiring assembly next the fuse box started smoking I realized what I did and disconnected it and went and got the right battery then I started the car and it overheated so I ended up blowing something with the radiator fan. I got the radiator fan replaced and it seemed like everything was ok then one weekend I didnt start the jeep and went to start it monday morning and it was dead I got it jumped and it seemed fine but then it started getting worse now if I dont run it at least every 8 hours or so depending on how long I run it it will die there is a ticking sound coming from the radiator fan and you can visually see it pulsing I have a suspicion that I shorted a wire but have no way of knowing and I don't know where do get a new wiring harness if needed I know its not a fuse I checked them all and none of them are blown so I was wondering what it could be if not the wiring harness and how to replace a wiring harness if thats what it is thanks soo much in advance
October 17, 2010.

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