Jeep Cherokee

We have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport with a V6 engine. It came factory with a/c but the a/c pump is going bad. We cannot afford to replace the pump right now and instead have bought a serpintine belt in the hopes of routing it without the a/c included. While the parts store was able to sell us a belt they could not provide us with a diagram and now my hubby can't figure out the routing that is correct. PLEASE advise : )

August 28, 2007.


A follow-up thought on the post from " service writer" and the diagram for the belt routing. I have the same diagram in one of my manuals, and the large circle you see with the #7 in it is actually the AC Compressor. OK - Trying to re-route a serpantine belt without removing the compressor is a real " figgure it out" nightmare. Did you remove the AC compressor?

A serpentine belt has 2 sides - a smooth side, and a grooved side. Certain pulleys require the smooth side to operate, and others the grooved side to function. It is not normal to use a belt that can bypass all the smooth/grooved sides of the belt. Bypassing ypur AC if it doesn't work is a good thought (did it on my '73 Nova SS), but the serpentine belt on your vehicle as my diagrams shows me is a " Groove on one side, Smooth on the other. AW, HECK. What do I know? Sounds like more info is needed! Please reply.

Aug 29, 2007.
Hey Gritch,

The drawing ain't quite right is it?
Two #7s???

I Gotta go back to the cyber drawing board on that.

Upon futher reivew: W/ AC, #6 is an idler pulley; fan is mounted on water pump. W/out AC, both #7s are missing and belt routes directly from alternator to PS pump. #6 pulley is < 1" from, and directly to the right of, alternator pulley. This information is based on the routing label and visible engine configuration observed under the hood of this specific vehicle.

IF the A/C compressor is seized or the clutch is, You may want to consider on out of a junk yard. Try un; ugging the connector to the compressor and see if she spins.