2004 Jeep Cherokee

Engine problem
2004 Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 46746 miles

hello my name is Donald whitley i'm the owner of a 2004 jeep grand cherokeemy check engine light came on and popped backed off so I had the codes pulled and it read p03040 what does this mean
January 7, 2008.

Hello Donald
are you sure of the code
may be its p0304
which is the truck may need a tune up
or check # 4 cylinder for misfiring
good luck
let me know

Jan 7, 2008.
Dear mr. Ken you were right the codes were p0340 I googled it and it showed a camshaft position sensor could you tell me more about this

Jan 7, 2008.
When cranking PCM look for signals from the sensors to identify where is each cylinder and to fire
so if a signal is missing or interrupted check engine light will come on to let the driver know that there is a problem
in your case the cam sensor is the trouble area
I would start by checking it and its plug and wire
(replace cam sensor )

Jan 8, 2008.