2002 Jeep Cherokee

Engine Cooling problem
2002 Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 160000 miles

My 2002 Jeep Cherokee had a large coolant leak. Took it to the shop, and they rana pressure test on the system. Based on that test, they determined that the radiator cap wa sbad and it was not holding pressure. So they replaced the cap and I had them flush the system and replace the fluid. That was a week ago. Yesterday I noticed a small pubble of coolant on the garage floor. Any thoughts?
June 2, 2009.

If you were to place cardboard under the car, what section of the engine compartment is the coolant coming from?

I have the same issue. It is leaking thru the inside of the front passenger area, as well as on the outside right under the passenger seat.

Jun 17, 2012.