2001 Jeep Cherokee

Interior problem
2001 Jeep Cherokee V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 94000 miles

September 7, 2010.

First of all thank you very much for your donation. Do you have the regular cherokee or the grand Cherokee?Also is it the front or rear door one you need to replace?Let me know so I can get you the correct information.

Sep 7, 2010.
I have the grand cherokee limited, it is the front drivers door, I need to know how to get it out of the door and replace it, if I can find one from some one other than the dealer(way too much)

Sep 7, 2010.

1. Remove trim plug from mirror flag bezel.

Fig. 14

2. Remove three screws attaching trim panel to door (Fig. 14).
3. Using a trim stick C-4829 or equivalent, detach trim panel perimeter push-in fasteners from door inner panel.
4. Lift trim panel upward and separate from door.
5. Disconnect latch rods from inside handle actuator.
6. Disconnect harness connectors for power accessories.
7. Separate trim panel from vehicle.


1. Connect harness connectors to power accessories.
2. Connect latch rods to inside handle actuator.
3. Position trim panel on door inner panel.
4. Press trim panel push-in fasteners inward around perimeter of door.
5. Install screws attaching trim panel to door (Fig. 14).
6. Install trim plug in mirror flag bezel.

1. Remove the waterdam.
2. Remove screws attaching door check to A-pillar.

Fig. 1

3. Remove nuts attaching door check to door (Fig. 1).
4. Remove door check through speaker location hole.


1. Position door check on door through speaker location hole (Fig. 1).
2. Install nuts attaching door check to door and tighten to 11 N.m (8 ft. lbs.) .
3. Install screws attaching door check to a-pillar and tighten to 15 N.m (11 ft. lbs.) .
4. Install the waterdam.

Front Door Speaker

1. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
2. Remove the trim panel from the front door.

Fig.19 Front Door Speaker Remove/Install

3. Remove the four screws that secure the speaker to the front door inner panel.
4. Pull the speaker away from the front door inner door panel far enough to access the front door wire harness connector.
5. Disconnect the front door wire harness connector from the speaker connector receptacle.
6. Remove the speaker from the front door inner panel.

There is how you change the check link.How much does the dealer want for your check link?

Sep 7, 2010.

Sep 7, 2010.
Here's a place i found that has one a little cheaper you would just have to pay shipping
That's not going to be the cheapest part in the world to replace no matter how you look at it.It's not a common part you can just walk into any part's store and they carry it.But the one i posted a link for is even a mopar part it's a little cheaper.You could try online to find a better price if you want.That's the one i found though.

Sep 7, 2010.