1999 Jeep Cherokee

Heater problem
1999 Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 106745 miles

I am planning or replacing my blower motor resistor in my Jeep this weekend. I am by no means a mechanic. I would like if you could tell me where the blower motor resistor is located as well as step by step directions on how to replace this part. If you could include pictures that would also be helpful.


Brent Bessler
December 4, 2008.

Ok this is a very easy part to replace so it should take you about 20 min or so. It is on the bottom of the heater ac housing just inboard of the blower motor. All you need to do it unplug the wire harness from it and then remove the screws that hold it remove it and reverse order to replace it done. That is all there it to it. Here is pic of where it is.

Dec 4, 2008.