1998 Jeep Cherokee

Electrical problem
1998 Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive

I put in a new battery and the jeep still wont start without being jump started. Once it has a jump it runs fine. Before the jump when I turn the ignition everything comes on, but will not turn over.
Roger c
October 25, 2009.

Welcome to the forum, I'd check the circuits at the starter relay, in the power distribution center, under the hood. Voltage to the load side of relay is hot all the time. Voltage to the coil side of relay goes hot with key in the crank position. You can unplug relay, use a testlite on the circuits.

Oct 25, 2009.
I got a 96 GR Cherokee thought my battery was dead turned out battery was ok so was alt. Turned out to be
starter relay, acted like drained battery, when relay is bad will draw too many amps from battery. Relay is under hood in main fuse box. Cost about 10 bucks. Starts great now.

Oct 27, 2009.