1996 Jeep Cherokee

Engine Mechanical problem
1996 Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 102000 miles

well hears the situation. The jeep runs fine starts fine the problem is while shifting into drive it just dies it it don't do it in reverse up hill or down but seems to do it more while trying to go up hill in drive. I have already checked the fuel pressure, fuel filter went all over the vac lines and there all good almost seems like an electrical prob. Oh and one more thing when you do get it in drive an get going it always stalls (same way no spitting and sputtering) when you hit the breaks hard but if you ease on them it dont always stall
May 14, 2009.

Has the check enginelight ever come on? Also, have you vacuum tested the brake booster? It sounds interesting that if you hit the brakes hard, it dies. Also, what was the fuel pressure reading?

No check engine light I even had it tested and nothing came up. The fuel pressure reading is about 50 psi, the jeep go's into reverse fine and I can stomp on the gas and it burns the tires on it with no hesitation or anything but if you put it in drive and tryen hit the gas it sounds like its dyeing, you tryen give it gas and it just revs up to like 2 grand and dyes then back up again to around 2 grand before it dies

May 17, 2009.