Jaguar XJS

2001 S type Jag, 66000 miles, I have been getting a smell thru the a/c vents when I stop behind another auto especially. Sometimes if I am just sitting in the open with my car in park, sporadic, but very often I pull to a stop sign, or waiting in line, and here comes the smell, smells like exhaust. The muffler shop said no leaks, I have no drips in the garage for an oil leak, engine checks out fine so I am told. Any suggestions?

yes it is when the fresh intake is on, but had never had this smell before a month ago. I will check that filter. It also happens when I am parked by myself and leave the car running
January 5, 2006.

Is your hvac in the fresh air mode or recycle mode. If its on fresh whats outside in your area is being sucked into your car. Your car has a cabin air filter and may need to be replaced. Good luck

Jan 5, 2006.
One thing you can do is go to a local autoparts store and ask for HVAC Deodorizer. Then spray this into your cabin airfilter area. That area tends to build up alot of mildew and other bad odoring pests.

Oct 18, 2006.