1995 Jaguar XJS

I have 95 Jaguar XJS, 4.0 six cylinder with 118,000 miles. It stated to overheat so I pulled over. A little steam did appear from under the hold. I don't think I had a major boil over for I stopped driving before the temperature gauge reached the red zone. I allowed the car to cool and made it home since I was less than a mile away. The engine runs fine as if nothing has happen but the car will not hold coolant, it just runs to the ground. I am unable to lift the car to inspect. What would cause the overheating and what has occurred such that the car will not hold coolant.
August 26, 2007.

The coolant leak will cause overheat. You need to discover where the leak is coming from and repost for more assistance

Dave H
Jan 6, 2010.