1990 Jaguar XJS

Brakes problem
1990 Jaguar XJS V12 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 10000 miles

removeing rear emergence brake pads
December 1, 2009.

Removal & Installation (xjs rear)
Remove parking brake caliper. See PARKING BRAKE CALIPER. Remove disc pads. Loosen rear service brake caliper fluid line at 3-way connector. Disconnect hydraulic line at caliper and position clear of work area. See Fig. 5.
Plug hydraulic line. Detach and discard safety wire from mounting bolts. If equipped, note shim positions and thicknesses. Remove shims and bolts. Slide caliper around brake rotor and out the hole near the left suspension plate.
NOTE: If new caliper is installed, mount unit on bracket and check rotor/caliper centralization. Gap between caliper abutment and rotor, on both sides of caliper, must be no more than.010" (.25 mm). Adjust shims at caliper and/or rear brake rotor as necessary. See DISC BRAKE ROTOR.

Place caliper and shims (if equipped) in position. Tighten mounting bolts. Install safety wire on bolts. Check rotor for centering between caliper abutments. If necessary, adjust shims between final drive flange and rotor.
If shim adjustment at rotor is performed, rear wheel camber must be checked. See JAGUAR WHEEL ALIGNMENT PROCEDURES in WHEEL ALIGNMENT section. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure and bleed brake system.
Remove parking brake caliper. Refer to PARKING BRAKE CALIPER R & I - XJS. Remove pad-to-carrier mount nut and remove disc pads. See Fig. 4 and Fig. 5. To install, reverse removal procedure. Repeatedly operate handbrake lever to obtain correct disc pad adjustment.

Dave H
Jan 10, 2010.