1989 Jaguar XJS

Electrical problem
1989 Jaguar XJS V12 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 80000 miles

hi-working on 89 xjs convertible v12
suddenly fueland oilpressure guages stopped working?
checked fuses under dash both sides-however some guages still working
do I need to pull speedo head?

also does this car have idle air controller?
at idle revs up n down without touching throttle
it did it then stopped for a few weeks but now doing it all the time
September 24, 2008.

Hi-i paid to have my question answered but so far not heard back
i found cracked vac leak re idle problem
need to know if guages have seperate fuse or if I have speedo head problem
fuel-oil pressure and temp don t work-battery charge guage works-thanx

Sep 25, 2008.
Hi smax,

Sorry for the delay in the reply and thanks for the donation.

Fuel, temp, oil gauge, tachometer and speedometer uses same fuse, # 4 main fuse box. If some of above are working, it should not be power supply problem and ou need to check the meter cluster.

Charge indicator uses separate fuse.

Sep 26, 2008.