1986 Jaguar XJS

Since I don't drive my Jag in the Indiana winter it has been garaged for 5 months. Prior to the cold setting in I put Sta-bil in the tank and ran the car as instructed. A month ago the weather finally broke and fired the XJS up. It started right away as it had done the 3 or 4 times I started in during the winter. It did however run very poorly and lots of blue/grey smoke was coming from the exhaust. The more I gave it gas the more the motor bogged downed until it died. In trying to restart the motor sounds as if it isn’t getting gas. After it sat for 2 days I restarted it and the same thing, started right up, ran poorly, died, and wouldn't restart. Any ideas or suggestions?
Chris Davis
May 15, 2007.

Fill fuel tank. Add a fuel injector cleaner

Dave H
Jan 6, 2010.