2004 Jaguar XJ8

Engine Mechanical problem
2004 Jaguar XJ8 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 40200 miles

On occassion my 2004 Jaguar XJ8 will slow down severely and display multiple error codes. I can stop, turn the car off and then turn it back on and that typically clears the codes and the problem and I can go back to driving again. Once in awhile I do have to turn it off and on more than once to clear the problem and drive away. The Jaguar center told me the throttle body is shorting out and needs to be replaced. Since then I saw online that the 1998 Jaguar had this problem and cleaning the throttle body fixed the problem. What do I need to do and are their step by step instructions so I can do the work myself.
Dale Partridge
May 7, 2009.

Reference Number(s): XJ303-10, Date of Issue: July 2005
JAGUAR: 2004 MY-ON XJ range
VIN: G00001-ON
SECTION: Engine System

Related Ref Number(s): XJ303-10
Cleaning the throttle body will wash contaminants into the bearings, and will remove the grease from the throttle body that is necessary to ensure its correct operation. Either of these actions can reduce the life of the component and result in the subsequent failure of the throttle body.
The electrical connectors on the throttle body must not have any types of grease (including dielectric greases), oils, or sealants (including silicone) applied to help seal the connectors. Applying these products can result in corrosion of the connectors and result in failure of the connector.
Do not clean the throttle body.
Do not apply any greases to the electrical connectors on the throttle body.
When reinstalling a throttle body, it is important to ensure that all connector seals and wiring seals are in place and are not damaged. Verify that all connectors are fully pushed home and latched correctly.
NOTE: If a throttle body is replaced under Warranty, and is found to have been cleaned, or if oil/grease or sealant have been applied to the connectors, the Warranty claim could be rejected if this is found to be a contributing factor to the failure.

Dave H
Dec 31, 2009.