97 JAG. , 4.0, 120K MILES,

1997 Jaguar XJ6

Recently, my car won't start easily when I turn off the engine for less that 30 minutes; I assumed it needed new spark plugs. After I put in new plugs, there was a sudden loss of power. Now my mechanic says it is the head gasket. He says 2 out of the 6 cylinders are not working. Prior to this spark plug change, the engine never over heated, and it was driving perfectly. When I drove it home from the shop, upon opening the hood, I noticed the tail pipe (the section close to the engine) was red hot. The engine never heated past the half-mark, nor was there any smoke.

Any other thoughts as to what could be the likely problems?

Many thanks for any help.
November 18, 2007.

What is supposed to be wrong with the 2 cylinders that are " not working" and which # cylinders are they. I you have 2 dead cyl. The vehicle should have barely enough power to pull itself around the block. If are pushing it hard on only 4 cyl, you could over heat the exhaust. Please advise and I can tell you more.

James W.
Oct 6, 2008.