1989 Jaguar XJ6

Engine Mechanical problem
1989 Jaguar XJ6 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 87780 miles

Engine will only start with starting fluid. Has fire to plugs and fuel to fuel rail and out of fuel regulator with pressure. New coil, crank relay, plugs, ignition amp. Cleaned MAF. After starting with starting fluid engine runs perfect, on hwy hits 120 in seconds and is smooth as silk at idle, but after turning off, will not start back up without starting fluid. Can not afford to take car to Jag shop at 70.00 hr. But would pay for the correct answer before I pull my hair out! Bobbysanti@bellsouth. Net or 615-870-3073
February 24, 2010.

Replace the fuel pump. It sounds like it is not supplying correct pressure for start up !

Dave H
Feb 24, 2010.
Dave, you might be right. Thinking back the pump gives a short burst of fuel and stops. I don't have a gauge. Auto zone has'em for 89.00. I'll replace today and if thats it I'll get back to you tonight. Is 30.00 ok for you if thats the answer? Bobby

Feb 25, 2010.