1992 Jaguar XJ40

Electrical problem
1992 Jaguar XJ40 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

Re: 1992 XJ40 ''Majestic''

Freezing cold here (5 degrees F). Left the car outside (silly me).
It started ok but when I went to change the gear lever from Park to
any gear it was like it was stuck. I could move it a bit but not
more than an inch as there was strong resistence (in the cable not
the gateway) and it felt as though I might break something if I
forced it. I tried to move it, maybe 6 or 7 times. So, I left the
car running to warm up, thinking that maybe the shifter cable that
goes from the gear-lever to the transmission might be frozen
underneath teh car and as such ''stuck''. Sure enough, after about 20
mins of idling, it moved ''perfectly normal'' as if there was never a
problem. My assumption was, therefore, something froze up on the
cable or linkage and the car running warmed things up.

Everything was fine for a few days until last week when I could not
start the car at all (no cranking sound, nothing). I fully charged
and tested the battery and all was fine. I then worked out that
when I moved the gear-lever to the neutral position and ''jiggled''
it in this poistion, whilst holding the key in the ''start'' position
then the car immediatley fired up. I made the further assumption
that when I tried to move the gear-lever the previous time when it
was frozen, I must have forced something and damaged a ''Park-
neutral safety switch''. For the next few days, I would have to
always put the car in neutral and jiggle the lever in that position
to start her. On New Years eve day, I went to the store. When I
returned to the car, there was nothing I could do to start her. No
amount of jiggling in neutral would help. I returned with tools and
renoved the top of the centre console to see if there was any
electrical disconnectioon or obvious problem. I could see nothing
and now assume the ''Park-neutral safety switch'' is not INSIDE the
car but somewhere underneath at the transmission. (The only thing I
did not disassemble is the part of the gearchnage whicjh looks to
be for illumination of the ''P'', ''R'', ''N'', ''D'', ''S'', ''L'' indicators
as they all work). Now that it is 0 degrees F, I kindly ask if
anyone is familiar with this ''non-start'' problem and can give me
specific advice before I go back to the store where the car is
stranded and climb underneath it in the freezing cold. Maybe if I
did that without getting this forum's advice, all someone might see
in a few days is 2 frozen legs sticking out from my car. It might
take days for people to realise I have died from hyperthermia
because they would see it was a Jaguar and think nothing abnormal
about a repairman underneath it!
Kind regards to all.
January 2, 2010.

You maybe able to acess by removing center console remove ash tray sport mode harness panels . see switch place in neutrsl manual lever should line up as in Pic

if not loosen both nuts on cable adjust till lever is on detent.
Good luck if no go then under you go recommend long johns, cardboard and Brandy.
Thanks for donate
You may want to change your lattitude

Jan 2, 2010.
Thanks for that. I had teh console apart yesterady and I can not identify agaisnt the picture/drwing you sent. Are you sure this is for the XJ40? (1992). If so, please explain clearly what the drawing is depicting.

Jan 2, 2010.
Is teh picture showing something INSIDE the car, because I had teh whole console apart and cant identify with your pic, OR, is this on the underside of the car?

Best regards,

Jan 2, 2010.
That is on the side of trans shift cable attaches XJ40 not a USA production but similar to XJ6 Majestic was hoping you could get at it from top and not going under.

Jan 2, 2010.
OK. I understand now. Unfortunately, it is NOT accessiible from inside because when I had the console apart I could see a rubber grommet where the cable goes thru the floor to the trans. The grommet is only small. But I am sure the pic you have sent is what the " set-up" will be so I now know what to look for. It also makes sense, given the earlier incident I had with everything freezing up. The " gizzmo" probably fell out of alignmwnt when I was forcing the gear lever to move.
SO. It looks like Long-Johns, gloves, brandy, espresso and a lot of swearing from me. If you dont hear from me in a few days, please call an ambulance!

Thanks for all your help!

Jan 2, 2010.
Try and spray WD40 into cable sheath if you can will rid moisture. Please tell someone at store your out there and keep an eye out.

Jan 2, 2010.