2001 Jaguar S-Type

Computer problem
2001 Jaguar S-Type V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 79000 miles

My 2001 Jaguar S type started giving me a message saying transmission fault. If I turned off the engine the message would go away for a while, then return as the engine warmed up. Took it to a transmission shop, They say no problem with transmission, but problem with computer or electrical. They put on a Transmission control unit, then said that is not the problem, charged me for hours of electrical detective work, then said it was really two problems. The transmission control unit and a " pin" on the transmission. Said to fix both these problems would be $1,100 and that should do it. Now they say they still are getting the same " Transmission Fault" message and it must be the computer. Before I spend the money for a new computer I wanted to know has anyone every heard of this?
February 18, 2009.

Hello. Thanks for the donation. Much appreciated

Could you please explain if there are any driveability issues with the car. Does the transmission slip. Not go into any gears etc. Etc.. Or is the problem just that this warning keeps occuring? Let me know

Transmission malfunctions may be caused by poor engine performance, improper adjustments or failure of hydraulic, mechanical or electronic components. Prior to diagnosing transmission concerns, always begin by checking fluid level, fluid condition and shift cable adjustment. Ensure engine starts with gearshift lever in Park and Neutral to ensure proper adjustment of TR sensor. Ensure all system-related fuses are okay. Check wire harnesses for proper routing. Verify all harness and component connections are clean and tight. See WIRING DIAGRAMS. If area of fault cannot be located or repaired during preliminary inspection, check self-diagnostic system. See SELF-DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM. Repair as necessary.

Dave H
Feb 18, 2009.
The transmission has trouble shifting into top gear. At first it shifted fine, but then it would not shift into top speed. Transmission shop now says it needs a whole new computer that will run $3,000 plus other costs to install and program. Am I being ripped off?

Feb 18, 2009.
Obviously I can only give my opinion as I am not there and have not seen the vehicle or had the opportunity to be hands on. So to speak. It is possible the PCM (computer) is sending the wrong signals to transmission thus causing the no shift into 5th. But I would be more looking towards an actual sensor sending the wrong signal to the PCM thus causing the late or no shift (speed sensor etc.) Before I replaced a PCM. Is the cars PCM (computer) giving any fault codes? Is there any other harsh/long/late shifting? There are a couple of TSB's regarding harsh or shifts taking too long but none about a no 5th gear shift. And these both state that the PCM should be reprogrammed not replaced? If the PCM is not giving a fault code. This could be the reason they are saying the PCM is bad and needs replacing? I would have this looked at by a jaguar dealer with the correct software before I replaced a PCM. I do not have a price for a the PCM. But $3000 + fitting + programming seems very high to me? You could ring a dealer and ask the service department if they have come across this fault before and also ask them about the price of a new PCM programmed and fitted?. Hope this helps ! Let me know

Reference Number(s): S307-07, Date of Issue: July, 2002
JAGUAR: 2000-02 MY S-TYPE 3.0 L
VIN: L00001-M44997

Related Ref Number(s): S307-07
Issue: Customers of some 2000-01 MY S-TYPE vehicles may complain about harsh shifts or shifts that take too long to complete.
To improve harsh gear change, and the general performance of the automatic transmission, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) should be re-programmed using the latest release (JTP759/14 or later) of the Worldwide Diagnostic System (WDS) disc.

Dave H
Feb 18, 2009.
Well, as suggested I picked up my Jag at the transmission shop and moved it to a Jaguar dealer. They ran dianostic tests and tell me based on the codes that the Transmission Valve Body Assembly is bad and must be replaced. They say they have a Jaguar Service Bullitin on this and the indications are to replace the valve body assembly when those codes are received.

The cost to replace just the valve body is $3,020. The cost for a whole rebuilt transmission for this car would be $4,783, but then I would have a " new" transmission, not just a transmission with 80,000 miles on it with a new valve body! Why would the transmission valve body fail at only 80,000 miles? Does anyone know of a way to get a rebuilt valve body or rebuilt transmission that could cut down the cost?

Feb 20, 2009.
I think this is the TSB they are referring to ! If this is a common fault, how much can this service kit cost? Labor time is just under 4 hours. So @ $150 per hour thats $600 I don't believe a service kit specifically mentioned in a TSB (this must be a common fault) cost's nearly the same as a brand new transmission. Why bother releasing a service kit if it is going to cost the nearly the same as a replacement transmission ! I would be asking the dealers for a breakdown of the cost's involved in this repair and as there is a TSB. Is there any way to lower the price because it is obviously a fault across the board on this transmission. And if the fault had occured while still under warranty you would not be having this problem !

Reference Number(s): S307-19, Date of Issue: June 2005
VIN: L00001-M44997
SECTION: Transmission System

Related Ref Number(s): S307-19
Some 2000-02 MY S-TYPE vehicles within the above VIN range may exhibit erratic or harsh transmission shifts. This can be caused by valve body or control solenoid failure.
NOTE: Check for connector/wiring and Powertrain Control Module (PCM) faults, ensure the transmission fluid is clean and there is no debris in the sump. Refer to Global Technical Reference GTR Workshop Manual, section: 307-01 - Diagnosis and Testing. Any faults other than the valve body kit replacement, are to be carried out as a separate Warranty Claim.

When a fault has been confirmed with the valve body or control solenoid, a new valve body kit must be installed.

Global Technical Reference (GTR) Workshop Manual Information
Parts Information
Valve body kitJLM 217521

Warranty Information
Warranty claims should be submitted quoting the information found in the table below. This will result in payment of the stated time and, where applicable parts/miscellaneous expense codes as listed.
Install a new valve body kit SRO44.91.31
TIME 3.8 hrs.
PART #JLM 21752

Dave H
Feb 21, 2009.