2002 Jaguar Other

Check engine light comes on and the engine is running rough. The mechanic checked everything out and said that it appears that it is " spraying" twice per stroke and that it should only do this once per stroke. Since they have checked all the mechanical bits they figure that it may be the computer chip needing to be reflashed? Are there any other possibilities that we are overlooking before we spend this kind of money?
John Donws
May 18, 2007.

Fuel Charging and Controls
The electronic returnless fuel system utilized has the advantages of reduced fuel tank vapor, requires less electrical power and does not require a fuel return line.
Fuel is supplied at high pressure to the injectors via a fuel rail which incorporates six fuel injectors, a fuel pressure regulator and a fuel temperature sensor. The engine control module (ECM) maintains 380 kPa across the injectors, by increasing the pulse width modulation signal to the fuel pump controller. This in turn controls the voltage output to the fuel pump.
CAUTION: The use of supplementary oil or fuel additives is not approved unless specified by Jaguar Cars in the form of a service communication or directive.

A fuel pressure relief valve is fitted to the fuel rail at the front of the camshaft cover. This valve allows the fuel system to be depressurized during servicing and troubleshooting.

Dave H
Oct 31, 2009.