1998 Isuzu Trooper

Interior problem
1998 Isuzu Trooper 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 65000 miles

1998 Isuzue Trooper, power lock, windows and sunroof. Keyless remote will only unlock the driver side door and not all four doors. Same thing with locking. However, the manual lock/unlock switch works on the driver side (unlocks/locks all doors) but not on the passenger side (will lock/unlock passenger side only). Maybe the passenger side is normal behavior.

Battery was replaced a few months ago, but as this car was a gift from family, we are unsure if the keyless problem occurred before or after the battery switch.

Have tried reprogramming the keyless remote with a HowTo I found elsewhere but either I am doing it wrong or the directions are incorrect because there is not change in functionality.

Since the door switch works on the driver side (unlocks/locks all doors) I do not think this is a mechanical issue but then again, I'm not a Trooper expert.
January 12, 2008.

The 1st thing that happens before you unlock or lock the doors is the key FOB will send a program signal to the body controller to identify the radio frequency signal and digital code process it then activates the door actuator to move the latch up and down.

In your case other areas such as windows/sunroof being affected-could possibly be that you have a power issue involving circuit breaker and the master switch. If it was mechanical I don't think it will affect all the doors-its unlocking and locking thru the use of the switch.

To draw conclusion-I will say the communcations between the key FOB and the Body Controller.

Jan 17, 2008.
Here's some further info...let me know which test you need after checking this out...

Jan 20, 2008.
Wow! All those tests involved on a security guard system, forget it am gonna quit school on alarm systems my last test was the Slim Jim I bearly passed that.

Jan 20, 2008.
It just gets tougher and tougher! Slim jim? Thats high tech stuff.I use a rock!

Jan 22, 2008.
I might be missing something, but what does the security system checks have in relation to the power lock issue? I will review the steps you provided and try to give them a go. Thanks!

Slim Jim? Rock? Heck. I just use my forehead.

Jan 29, 2008.
Door locks are tied into the anti-theft system. If the module has a problem, it will show up in some action performed with the remote.

Jan 30, 2008.